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Set up your own automated strategies and trading bots in no time!

  • Automatically trade your favorite trading pairs
  • Manage risk and protect your investment - your bots trade while you sleep
  • Use our preset strategies or create your own. No coding skills required
  • Learn to navigate the markets using our interactive documentation
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Discover the power of bot as a service

Effortlessly manage and execute trades

Navigate our platform with ease, executing and tracking trades on your favorite exchanges.

  • All-in-one overview of your trading activity
  • Connect your exchange APIs to our platform and start trading
  • Automatic portfolio tracking. Monitor your accounts 24/7

Personalized for You

Benefit from our large selection of indicators and market tools, allowing you to create complex stategies.

  • Easily build and configure your own trading systems
  • Mitigate risk and lock in profits with automatic stops
  • Test and optimize to maximize gains

Automation at your fingertips

Supercharge your trades with our cloud-based automation!

  • Eliminate emotion from your trading
  • Achieve trading consistency
  • Accelerate your trading with the power of automation

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    Create an account

    Sign up here and create an account.

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    Connect an exchange API

    Our account set up flow will help you connect to your favourite exchange in no time.

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    Create a trading strategy

    Set up a strategy with custom conditions and indicators.

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    Configure your bot

    Pick a trading pair and set your exposure.

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    Start trading

    You’re all set up now! Turn on your bot and start trading.

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Personal Dashboard



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Strategy Backtester New

Preset Strategies

Upcoming Features

New & upcoming features

We are currently in public alpha. This means that we will be releasing many new features and system improvements on a weekly basis. Here is a small taste of what is to come:

  • Strategy backtester
    Now Live!
    Test the performance and profitability of your strategies using past market data to improve your strategies.
  • Strategy optimizer
    Optimize your strategies with historical market data.
  • Trading terminal
    View the current trading positions held by your bots and execute a variety of commands!
  • Bot performance overview
    Now Live!
    View detailed trade statistics for each of your bots, and easily track their performance.
  • Additional trading pairs
    We will continue adding more trading pairs as well as additional exchanges/brokers.
  • Margin trading support
    Create margin strategies that allow your bots to take long and short positions.
trading bots backtester and optimizer crypto trading bots backtester and optimizer